Betzavta training ('betzavta' means togetherness in Hebrew) is a methodology that has been originally developed by Uki Maroshek-Klarman...

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Talk your talk or walk your walk?

Times are getting rougher, business tougher. Hence it is not stunning that it has become even more fashionable talking about flat organizations, ownership, proactivity, participating approaches in labor organization, involvement of the workforce. learning organization, continuous improvement, lean thinking and WCM.

Nothing wrong with that. Indeed, involving everybody actively can be a huge competitive advantage.

If you are sure your organization is already profitable at its best, don't lose your time, don't go ahead reading.

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Going Global – Going Transcultural?

New technology and information systems along with the increasing internationalisation of many economic sectors are putting us into contact with people coming from a different cultural background.
Not only has this increased the demand for language training, but at the same time the need of specific skills.
Confronted with a different culture, with different mind sets, ways of perceiving and behaving the unprepared person is likely to encounter difficulties. The mere linguistic abilities and the contact with persons belonging to another culture is not sufficient to avoid misunderstanding, bias and stereotyping.
For personal and business success in the international arena adequate training is needed.

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Self-driven, sustainable learning in 5 steps: simple, fast and fun

How to keep up with fast paced change?
Organizations need to be alert and flexible to compete and require a highly qualified and performing workforce, able not only to keep up with ongoing change and continuous improvement, but playing a proactive part in it.
However, in our experience, there is no such thing as a personal trainer who assists you whenever the need arises, telling you exactly which skills you need and what to do. It’s up you in the first place to take care of your personal and professional development.  
We created ApprendoInprogress® to make self-driven learning simple, fast and fun.
ApprendoInprogress® is an essential part of our training approach. While acquiring new job related skills and knowledge, participants learn how to assess their individual training needs, how to develop skills autonomously and through reciprocal coaching and knowledge sharing across the organization.
Every individual has unique traits, knowledge and skills. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning. Therefore, we start by stocktaking of what you already know and do, and of your favorite strategies and skills.
Do you like to think things over and over again before you make a decision or take action? Do you take the bull by the horns and decide from your gut? Do you rather try out how it works than read the user’s manual? Is it essential for you to get the big picture?

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Together for Manufacturing. Listen to the interview!

karin sylvie

Together for Manufacturing - Above and Beyond Lean 

Sylvie Schoch and Karin Lindner about the new frontiers in the manufacturing industry.


How can we make Manufacturing sexy?


Sexy manufacturing? For some, this may sound contradictory. In her book, Karin Lindner outlines that in reality, every organization needs an element of sexiness. The dictionary defines sexy as “generally attractive or interesting; exciting, appealing, trendy.”


Our Youth – Our Future

WorldSkills Leaders Forum 2013 on July 4th in Leipzig Germany as a part of the 42nd WorldSkills Competition.
Cooperation and awareness of the importance of skills and competence are milestones to personal and professional success and fulfillment.


Workshops on Nonviolent Communication


You want to speak your mind without offending anybody but don’t know how?
Do you experience frustrating conversations that leave you think: He or she just doesn’t get it, doesn’t listen?
Would you like to learn a language that helps you say what's on your mind and make a request in a way that is satisfactory for both parties?


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